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Our History

A Cry for Help Foundation was founded in 2015 — the realization of a the childhood dream of founder Bianca Williams to help others and repair hope in her community. The foundation aides┬ápeople from all walks of life and works closely with neighbors in-need by providing programming and connecting them to resources to help them better their lives and improve their futures. The foundation connects neighbors with creditable organizations and like minded people with the skills, information and services.

So far the organization has organized neighborhood clean-ups, regularly housed and fed the the homeless, provided community service opportunities and held donation drives.

Our Board

Bianca Williams

Founder | President
Bianca grew up in a rough Milwaukee neighborhood. The pain she witnessed in her community and the struggles her family faced motivated her to work to change people’s lives for the better. Her personal experiences helps her connect with those dealing with homelessness, hunger, joblessness and lack of education. She especially empathizes with youth not given the opportunities needed to thrive and succeed.

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